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Australia Victoria new traffic law to allow the motorcycle through the lane
Victoria (Victoria, English: Victoria, abbreviation: VIC) is state of Australia, Australian Chinese known as the "Victoria", referred to as "Victoria".Victoria is known as the reputation of "Garden State" (the garden state, and local people is to love sports and arts called4. Victoria is endemic to Australia, the birthplace of the Australian football. On the first Tuesday of November each year, the Melbourne Cup held in the capital, Melbourne, is known as "that nation" (race the stops The). In addition, the Australian Formula One Grand Prix race, the Australian tennis open and the Davis Cup was in the city of Melbourne held.Hereinafter referred to as the province of victoria:Victoria Province will allow motorcycles to travel through slow traffic since November 2nd.Victoria Province will implement the new traffic rules, if the slow traffic speed of not more than 30 kilometers per hour, then the motorcycle can be a legitimate walk in between the two rows of traffic. The law also applies to the crossroads.Victoria Andrews (Andrews Daniel), said the regulations will help improve the safety of motorcycle drivers. He said: "listen to the views of experts, as far as possible to ensure that road safety is very important." Victoria Provincial Highway Bureau (VicRoads) in the near future will carry out public publicity, so that drivers understand the relevant laws and regulations change. The government has said that the government has consulted the community, including more than 1000 web surveys, before deciding to implement the new rules.
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